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Emergency Whistle
Emergency Assistance+

Feeling safe wherever you are!

Not feeling vulnerable when walking in the streets at night, relaxed when going for a run in the park and laid back when partying in a huge crowd of people - the SaferinoGo emergency whistle makes you feel safe. Wherever you are. The stylish SaferinoGo, which combines the functions of a whistle, personal alarm and text messaging alarm, acts as your personal bodyguard wherever you are.

The product features

  • pipe Alarm sound
    105 dB
  • location Emergency localisation
    via GPS
  • batterieleistung Up to two
    months battery charge

Your stylish emergency call system

Three functions combined in one device

SaferinoGo is not only a plain whistle but also a personal alarm with a 105 dB siren for emergencies. SaferinoGo is also a unique accident alert system that automatically notifies your family or friends via email or text message in an emergency.

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Feeling safe
during sporting activities

pipe wave

Feeling safe in accidents and attacks

Alert at the
touch of a button

You are in danger, feel threatened or require fast medical assistance? A blow of the whistle or a touch of the button, and SaferinoGo will send a text message or email to your emergency contacts. The GPS locates your precise position, which will be displayed on Google Maps - your family and friends can respond quickly and call for help.

protection also
for your

Your personal safety accessory

Perfect for your lifestyle

Using the flexible fastening strap, you can attach the handy panic alarm SaferinoGo neatly to your backpack or handbag. Or you can put SaferinoGo round your neck or attach to your key ring - your accident warning device will always be at hand in critical situations, for example, when out running through a dimly lit park or when opening your car or front door.

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Safely through your daily routines

Safety for all ages

The SaferinoGo emergency whistle is also a brilliant companion for your children. You can relax when your children are playing outside. In an emergency the kids can let you know at the touch of a button where they are and that they need help. No more constant worrying!


very easy

This is how it works


Set up a wireless connection of the emergency whistle with your phone. All you need is your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0.

Activation in an emergency

In an emergency activate the alarm quickly at the touch of a button. Your location is sent to your family/friends directly via text message or email.

Getting help quickly

Your family and friends can see your location and quickly call for help.

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