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Emergency Whistle
Emergency Assistance+

Be safe wherever you are in your car!

The SaferinoGo Emergency Assistance+ makes you feel safe in your car - no matter what happens. An accident, a breakdown or an attack: SaferinoGo gets help. The SOS alarm works like an eCall system and automatically alerts your family or friends in an emergency.

The product features

  • car Automatically
  • location Emergency localisation
    via GPS
  • power Quick charging

Your personal emergency call system

Safety at the
touch of a button

You simply plug SaferinoGo in your cigarette lighter and link it to your phone via Bluetooth. You leave a message on the App which will be sent straight away to your family or friends in an emergency via SMS and email. The GPS will locate your precise position, which will be displayed on Google Maps - so you can get help quickly.

360° view

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Accident alert connector for your car

Don’t panic - SaferinoGo
will respond on your behalf!

You don’t need to activate the SOS alarm via the emergency call button: the integrated crash sensor in SaferinoGo can detect an impact and then automatically sends the alert message.

In case you have a total power failure in your car - SaferinoGo has an emergency power supply so you can activate the alarm at any time.

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Battery always fully charged

Battery charging is four times faster

The SaferinoGo emergency alarm has 2 USB ports, one 2.4 A standard and a 3.0 A quick charging connector. This means you can charge two mobile devices at the same time. The quick charger is even four times faster than any standard charging unit! Whether it’s your Android tablet or smartphone, iPad or iPhone - empty batteries are a thing of the past.

Conventional charging function
Conventional charging function
SaferinoGoquick charging function
quick charging

very easy

This is how it works

step 1

Set up a wireless connection of Emergency Assistance+ with your phone. All you need is your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0.

step 2
Activation in an emergency

In an emergency activate the alarm quickly at the touch of a button. Your location will be sent by text message or email directly to your family or friends.

step 3
Getting help quickly

Your family or friends can see your location and quickly call for help.

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